About Us

PT Arwana Citramulia Tbk (Arwana) is a public company listed on the main board of the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) traded under the "ARNA" stock code. Arwana is dedicated to producing cost-competitive ceramic tiles to serve the medium-low market segment nationwide. The products are sold under the "Arwana Ceramic Tiles" brand, a brand name that signifies high-quality product with competitive pricing. In 2011, a new product line with even better quality was introduced to capture the medium-high market segment, sold under the brand name “UNO Ceramic Tiles”. Since commencing operations in 1995, Arwana has remained faithful to its core business, fully developing upon its expertise in producing high-quality products with creative designs. The company’s highly-diverse product portfolio includes variants such as Embossed, Marble, Plain Color, Granity, Strata, Rustic, Fancy Wood and Fancy Decorative. The most common tile sizes in Arwana’s products are 20 x 20 cm and 30 x 30 cm. However, Arwana has also embraced the latest trends among consumers such as 40 x 40 cm tiles. Arwana also offers 20 x 25 cm subway tiles and 25 x 40 cm wall tiles, among others, and as of 2017, has also begun developing 50 x 50 cm tiles. Headquartered in Jakarta, Arwana sells the products through its sole distributor, PT Primagraha Keramindo (PGK), the company's subsidiary, and an extensive network of more 46 sub-distributors spread in nearly every major city and town in Indonesia and approximately 21 thousand retail outlets.

This marketing network prowess combined with excellent after sales services allow a strong presence for the company in regional markets throughout the Indonesian archipelago. Arwana is committed to the better advancement of its manufacturing and R&D capabilities. In this regard, Arwana has obtained several certifications published by national institutions as well as regional and international organizations for standardization, including Green Proper and SNI (Indonesia), SIRIM (regional) and ISO (international).

Arwana has five factories located in five different locations. Plant I and Plant II in Tangerang and Serang respectively mostly serve the market in the western part of Indonesia. Plant III, which is located in Surabaya, mostly serve consumers in the eastern part of Indonesia, while Plant IV in Palembang mostly serve the market in the southern part of the Sumatra Island. Arwana’s latest production facility is Plant V located in Mojokerto which commenced operations in early 2016. Plant V has been designated to primarily produce wall tiles. As of early 2017, Arwana has a total installed capacity of 57.37 million square meters per year with a view of expanding it further in the coming years. Through the ever-changing market in over two decades of existence, Arwana has continued to grow rapidly and consistently, and is committed to further build upon the company’s achievements. Arwana's growth over the years can be attributed in part to the company's innovations and flexibility in adopting the latest technological trends, which includes the latest scientific and technical methods that also help protect the environment, or also referred to as "green technology". Arwana is an eco-conscious company who has been awarded the Green Industry Award from the Indonesia’s Ministry of Industry for six years in a row from 2011 to 2016. Arwana is also the first company in Indonesia to obtain ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system.

Our Mission

  • Prioritize quality products and services by consistently applying the principles of efficiency to produce high quality ceramic tiles, yet affordable to all.
  • Dynamics, creative and innovative in the production process.
  • To create friendly business atmosphere that encourages local labor employment and stimulate the developing of medium-sized businesses.

Our Vision

"To be the best company in the ceramic industry, full of creativity and innovation, and able to contribute to the development of the country and the society"